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Agriculture is known as a major source of income in most homesteads in Africa, with families growing both cash and food crops. However, most farmers have faced a challenge of getting their produce on a competitive market. Conducting Business in Africa is challenging that is why Rich Black Africans B.V. creates a bridge between the European and African Market to see that even the European market can consume the organic and rich products from Africa. We are your online one stop shopping center for Coffee, Fruits, Vegetables, Timber and Art and Craft from Africa.

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A good day starts with a good cup of coffee, Rich Black Africans wants to be part of your coffee story per day. Through its inland partners, RBA supports the Coffee farmers through the growing, harvesting and processing of coffee. RBA is committed to find a market for these farmers growing both Arabica and Robusta Coffee grown in the equatorial climate . Based on your preference, coffee can be delivered in a light, medium and dark roast. If you are a company looking for the best, organic Robusta and Arabica Coffee reach out to us by clicking on our contact button.

Fruits and Vegetables

Rich Black Africans is in partnership with farmers in Africa through its partners by facilitating and empowering them into Agribusiness. Our partners have contracted farmers and own farms that grow, sort and package high quality fruits and vegetables. RBA ensures that the Farmers produces reaches the European market in only Large quantities. Are you are Fruits and Vegetable wholesaler reach out to us by clicking the Contact button.
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